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Praying the Psalms

Praying the Psalms

Author, Assistant Professor of Theology & Culture

Praying the Psalms

What do you do when you’re filled with emotions that are difficult to name? Whom do you turn to in these moments, and what do you say? For centuries, Christians have gone to the Psalms to give voice to their deepest sorrow, anger, and joy. But we often find this book of the Bible intimidating, or confusing, and therefore shy away. In this course, you’ll learn how praying the Psalms can deepen your intimacy with God as you use the psalter’s language to “get real” about life in its infinite variety. You’ll also be encouraged to bring the Psalms’ naked honesty into your own spiritual community, God’s chosen space, for healing and wholeness to occur.

We estimate that this will take you 5–6 hours to complete (but not all in one sitting!).

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Author, Assistant Professor of Theology & Culture

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