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Inviting God into Work Decisions

Founder, President, CEO of Texon LP | PhD, Senior Strategist of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership

Inviting God into Work Decisions

We live in a world that encouraged us to split the secular and the sacred, and this is often epitomized in the way we work. How might we, in very practical ways, recognize God’s presence in our daily work? How can we actually seek and receive God’s guidance for the work we’re doing with most of our waking hours? How can we bring God into our decision-making in a way that truly honors God’s sovereignty and God’s love for us?

Join Mark Roberts and Terry Looper as they answer these questions in a way that will transform your life. You will walk through the Sacred Pace, a process which helps center your life, specifically decision-making, around God and his will. You will be provided with practical steps and times of reflection to help fully incorporate this method into your life.

Based on the book Sacred Pace, written by Terry Looper.

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Founder, President, CEO of Texon LP | PhD, Senior Strategist of the Max De Pree Center for Leadership

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